Classic Plus “Venetian Plaster”

Cadoro classic is our creamiest putty, designed for creating layered textures like matte concrete surfaces. You are also able to mimic the attributes of expensive marbles and limestone. It can be applied to various substrates, including drywall and concrete board. Suitable for Interior walls and ceiling projects in health care, retail, residential, hospitality and offices. What differentiates Cadoro Venetian plaster from our other lime materials? We have no aggregates mixed in. Cadoro Tadelakt and Marmorino for example, include various sizes of marble aggregates.

Carrara Marmorino

Carrara Marmorino is a medium-grain polished plaster composed of crushed marble and lime putty, allowing it to be tinted to a myriad of colours and create many textures. Cadoro Marmorino is naturally mildew resistant. The surface is smooth and semi-gloss in sheen, with soft transitions of lighter and darker shading, providing a feeling of depth to the wall surface, with endless possibilities to create polished marble to natural stone finishes. Carrara Marmorino is a natural lime plaster free of VOC, making it a great wall material for wet environments like bathrooms. This finish normally has a subtle visual movement, it can be worked with the trowel to give varying lighter to darker effects.


Intonachino is well known for its rustic pitted texture and matte sheen while smooth to the touch. The finish can be glazed to add a more oldworld look or multiple colours can be used to create unique stone finishes. Intonachino is great for replicating concrete.


Travertino lime plaster gives a honed stone affect with a light, open texture and matted sheen. Although, applied in one colour, Travertino gives the effect of multiple tones. Deep textures can be created with this material as well and built up in multiple layers.Some short text about some feature on your site


Tadelakt- This traditional Moroccan lime plaster is durable and gives the look of a honed stone or leather. Tadelakt is a lightweight, water resistant lime plaster which can be applied to interiors of homes as well as shower stalls, back splashes, bathrooms and more. Sealed with olive oil soap to aid in the carbonation and in rendering the surface more water resistant. Sealing with olive oil soap leaves the surface breathable and will require maintenance to preserve the water resistant quality. For a more durable finish we suggest Microcement


Thanks to its great versatility, Kallisto may be applied in a single coat, or also combined with other products such as Classic Plus.

Complementary Top Coats


Cera Naturale – eco-friendly, water based anti-dirt product. Suitable for indoor lime plaster surfaces. It enhances the brightness and glossiness of the finish and confers protection of the surface without altering the breathable properties of the lime-based coating.


An eco-friendly, water-based, anti-dirt product suitable for the protection of the indoor coatings with minimal change to the sheen. It is a paste composed of pure Marseille soap and special additives providing a silk touch to the application.


Solvent based wax used for waterproofing protection. Primarily used in shower applications or high traffic areas like retail stores requiring high gloss.